Sell A Bit?

16 02 2011

Was doing my normal cruising around Google Reader today and stumbled across an article on an outcry amongst Catholic Clergymen for reform. Top of the list: Getting rid of Celibacy. Other major reform issues included ordaining women, allowing divorce, and recognizing same-sex marriage.  (Read: Stepping into the 21st century)  Turns out that with the strict laws governing the religion, the church is having a lot of trouble finding new recruits to rock that stylish robe on Sundays. More importantly, folks aren’t showing up in mass to Mass, which equals lighter pockets across the board.  Yeah, no one saw that coming…

I’m not catholic. Far be it from me to say whether the rules of that religion are “good” or not.  I have no idea.  But isn’t it strange that in order to save the bank accounts there’s grown a willingness to abandon the rules altogether? That’s crazy, right?  Then again, maybe it’s not. Prophets need profits. That’s easy enough to understand, but consider this…

Dollar signs have generated talk of major reform to a major religious sect. At what point do dollar signs generate thoughts of your personal reform?  At what point do we start to sell off a little of those things that truly matter to us? Hate the work but love the pay… I’ll sell my happiness.  Hate the grind but love the come up… I’ll sell my integrity.  We could go on that way forever;  slowly selling the things that truly make us who we are.  The term sell-out is most often used when referring to artists who sacrifice their originality for notoriety, but the concept extends so much farther than that.

You only get one shot at making this life thing work. Don’t be afraid to hold on to those things that are truly invaluable. Sometimes being true to yourself means taking the road less traveled or cruising along the scenic route, but isn’t that journey all the more beautiful?



A link to that article, just in case you want to check it out:


9 02 2011

I’m a little late getting to this one, but I honestly didn’t see the interview when it initially aired.  It wasn’t until I started to see the reactions to the O’Reilly/President Obama interview that I even considered watching it (as Bill O’Reilly doesn’t rate very highly on my people meter).

If you’ve ever heard of Bill O’Reilly, or been [un]lucky[?] enough to have watched his show, you know that the man makes his living prodding people.  It’s how he pays the mortgage; it’s why he is who he is.  So when you hand him the opportunity for a 1-on-1, prime-time interview with El Preisdente you have to know he’s not going to waste the opportunity to show-off.  Honestly, if you were in his position, would you?

But even more importantly, you have to know that the President we elected can handle it.

We have an intensified connection with President Obama because he represents us in a way no other president has.  It’s not solely a race thing.  His love of hoops, his taste in music, his twitter account, his demeanor, the fact that he hosts Poetry Slams. He’s not just a black president, he’s a BLACK president.  He’s the type of guy you could crack a brew (or pour up the Hennessy) with.  He’s like part of the family.  But he’s NOT part of the family.  He’s the first black president of the United States.  And with that earth quaking, ground-breaking title comes the trials and tribulations associated with any monumental change.  Obama knows exactly what he’s up against.  He knew when he threw his hat in the ring; he knew when he was on the campaign trail; he knew when he took the oath; and he knew when he accepted the interview.  People are going to go at his neck. They HAVE to. Because there can be no true change without struggle.

If you truly believe in Obama, you need the Bill O’Reillys of the world to present themselves.  You need the best the other side has to offer to make their lame attempts at taking the Pres down a peg.  You need them to challenge his policy, to question his judgments, to stir up the pot.  Because every time they do, and President Obama handles his biz, he proves that he is, without a doubt, the man.

Remember when you were younger, and your parents would tell you how you have to be TWICE as good at EVERYTHING if you want to succeed in this world?  Why would this be any different? The spotlight’s [always] on.  Obama–fade-away three from the corner– Swish!  Game.


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7 09 2010
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